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I am one of the lucky ones of the earth. I was born in Switzerland, a modest family with parents. My dad taught me to always go after my dreams. My mom brought me softness and calmness. A balance that made me persevering and patient. I grew up in the countryside, very close to a castle whose nocturnal noises frightened me terribly. I was going to talk to cows and chickens when my parents went to help with hay at my godfather's house. I led the cows to the meadow with him, they impressed me. On summer Sundays our camping chairs were planted in a privatized creek on Lake Neuchâtel and the chicken was grilled for 2 hours before savoring its feet in the water. I loved the rigging, the dance and the piano.

With my little brother, we played Commander Cousteau by attaching pillows in the back as bottles; my bed was used as a boat, the room was the ocean. We stuffed ourselves with powdered cocoa which we put in a very small glass and that we would suck secretly. Every summer, my parents took us for a month camping by the sea in Italy. Magical holidays like we no longer do.


Photography has always been part of my life in many ways. But it's only in 2010 that I clicked. Self-taught, I improvised a small studio in my living room and began to photograph a friend, then the babies of my girlfriends and soon my salon is not enough.

After going through hard times between 2017 and 2019, I continue to exert my passion with gratitude. Life is beautiful and worth living passionately without losing a single moment …

From a happy childhood, I move to a tumultuous adolescence and the desire to leave my tiny town makes me move for ever. At 19, I leave my job in pharmacy and I go to Ticino for a year. When I got back, my dad offered me a plane ticket to Los Angeles, saying "go learn English and travel". When I return, I find a job in social insurance and I become involved in a modeling agency where photography is at the center of our activities. I meet the man of my life with whom I have been married for 20 years. We have two kids brimming with energy and creativity. We live in the middle of the vineyards in a village near Lake Geneva, again next to a castle but this time, it makes me rather dream. Our many trips make us realize the privilege we have to live here.

In 2013 with a friend we create Rouge Rose Studio where we both make portraits. In 2016, she moved to San Francisco, we give the Studio back. While I was already aspiring to outdoor lifestyle photography, I decided to no longer work in a studio and I chose the natural settings that I have in the region or abroad, where I can give free rein to my creativity.


Next to photography, a large physio cabinet entrusts me with his visual communication. I just finished the realization of its new website, manages its social networks and carries out internal and advertising documents.